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Customer Loyalty App | Loyalty and CRM Apps | Continuous Evolution | IT Solutions | Prenel

At Prenel, we understand the importance of customer experience and customer loyalty platforms. We are an agency with deep expertise in building feature-rich customer loyalty mobile and web applications.


With our deep experience in understanding loyalty applications, expertise in the latest cutting edge technology, and our partnership with leading loyalty platform providers, we provide our customers with a unique combination of knowledge and skills to achieve their business requirements.

We believe in the value of co-creation and collaboration and hence work with you at every stage of product development right from design until delivery.

Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs

Improves Customer Experience

A loyalty or reward scheme creates anticipation and excitement, all aimed at providing a positive customer experience.

Increased Customer Retention

One of the main advantages of a loyalty program is that it has an evident impact on customer retention rates.

Increased Sales

A retained customer is an asset to any brand and will continuously bring profit to your company for a reduced cost, thus boosting sales and revenue.

Fosters Brand Advocates

A happy customer is a vocal customer. Brand advocates positively influence their network of family and friends and help with brand penetration.

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